Artificial Grass – The pros and cons of installing artificial grass

Artificial Grass – Benefits, Advantages And Disadvantages

If you own a big and beautiful house which is surrounded by an attractive garden, you definitely will want your lawn cover to look as clean, attractive and long lasting as ever. That is where the artificial grass comes into the picture. It is mainly a substitute for fresh grass and is used in cover of landscaping for lawns and gardens. This artificial grass is also known as turf, used for the arenas ,which  gives a smooth and fine landscape used to play sports, mainly used in schools, sport fields and parks, as an alternative for real grass.

Use of artificial grass helps save money, time and water:

Artificial grass eliminates the harmful use of pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides. It saves many litres of water as free artificial grass samplesthis does not require watering on a daily basis. It also saves a lot of money and time since much manual work isn’t considered for maintaining of artificial grass.

How can Artificial Grass be cleaned and well maintained?

  • The organic material has to be removed from the surface by using a leaf blower.
  • There might have to be the usage of some sand infill once in a year, in high usage areas.
  • A natural, stiff bristle broom can be used to clean high traffic areas.

Applications of Artificial Grass

Mainly used in sports like baseball, field hockey, soccer, rugby, tennis and golf.

  • Landscaping: this artificial grass is used beyond athletic fields to residential and commercial landscaping.
  • Airports: artificial grass is been used at airports too. The runway lighting is embedded in artificial landing surfaces for aircrafts.

Environmental Threats: fragments from the artificial reeds seep into the environment, this causes marine pollution as well as soil pollution. The rubber granulate from artificial grass contributes to rubber pollution. The synthetic fibres from this turf are subjected to wear and tear and can be washed away in the environment, which again leads to environmental pollution and can cause environment degradation.

Advantages of Artificial Grass

  • Low maintenance, affordable prices and extremely durable.
  • Grassy, soft and beautiful _ the best substitute for natural fake grass.
  • Can easily withstand climatic conditions, heavy rains or bright sunshine.
  • Used around the pool area, it can be cleaned very efficiently and does not get ruined like real grass.

Disadvantages of Artificial Grass:

  • The artificial grass absorbs heat and thus this high temperature can cause dehydration and heat exhaustion.
  • The surface gets so hot that walking or playing on it may cause severe burning of the skin.
  • Artificial grass consists of some hazardous chemicals which can cause various health related issues that could affect the lungs or the kidneys if there is some sort of accidental intake of these harmful chemicals.
  • The cost to install artificial grass is expensive sometimes.
  • Artificial grass doesn’t have the cooling effect like the real grass, thus the temperature is a setback here.

Benefits of Artificial grass to pets:

Many people use artificial grass as a substitute for natural grass in order to keep themselves and their pets happy too. Here are a few benefits to the pets of using artificial grass.

  • Adjustment: pets adjust very easily to this type of grass, since they love comfort and artificial grass is similar to the real grass.
  • Easy to maintain and clean: shorter grass is easier to clean maintain plus it gives a decent and well cut look to your area. Pets too love being in such a comfort zone.
  • Helps coping with your pets habits: if your pet loves dirting your lawn, this artificial grass can be easily washed and can look as clean and new as ever.

The Artificial grass is available in various sizes and shades of colours. The prices are quite affordable to a common man. It will look pleasing in all weathers; this is because the weather won’t have a direct effect on the look of the turf.  The artificial grass is more preferred since it does not grow like the other natural grass and does not constantly require the attention of the owner.


Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Grass

While adopting a pet, you never thought that this much hard work would go into taking care of the pet. Do you feel like even though you put so much effort into taking care of your pet but your pet isn’t thriving as much you expected him/her to? Maybe because you are living in a residential covered with concrete and proper flooring isn’t the most ideal environment for your pet. Pets may not flourish in artificial environment as much they would in natural environment. But you cannot let your dog run free in parks without guidance. But what you can do is change the ambience of your house as per their requirement. And the best way to do so is installing Artificial grass for pets. The artificial grass available in the market gives completely real look and feel. And they are low maintenance. What more could you ask for?

Where can artificial grass be used?

Artificial grass is available for terrestrial animals as well as aquatic animals. You can place artificial grass in your pet’s aquarium to beautify the place and to give it a more realistic feel. Placing artificial plants in the aquarium will provide a more natural habitat to the fish. You can install artificial grass on your floor for your dogs and cats. Artificial grass is very easy to install. And your pet will definitely prefer the artificial grass over the floor tiles. Artificial grass for pets will benefit the pets as it will soft on their paws. There is cushioning bellows the paws which helps dogs run free on grass, dirt and rough surfaces but when you introduce them to floor tiles, they often slip. They slip because their paws are not designed to walk on floor tiles and sometimes that cause their legs to bend. To take better care of your pets, you should introduce them to the nature. But since you cannot take them to the park every day, install artificial grass for pets.

Using Artificial Grass is easier

Using artificial grass is easier as compared to maintaining natural grass in your backyard / front-yard. If you have natural grass in your backyard, you will have to water it time to time. Keep it free from weeds. And it might not flourish in every season, you will have to take extra care in certain seasons. You have to add manures or fertilisers to keep it healthy, for better growth. To save yourself from all these shenanigans, you could switch to artificial grass for pets. Artificial grass is all weather grass, so you do not need to pay much attention to it. Artificial grass is not to be watered, so another save there. And once you install it, it lasts for at least a year. Hence, saving your money as well. And it is very comfortable for your pets. Those artificial grasses are specially designed for pets. Your pet will be very happy running free on the grass. Dogs like to dig. If you install natural grass in your backyard, they will probably destroy it overnight but the same will not happen if you install artificial grass.

Drainage system and antimicrobial blades

Some companies have highly efficient artificial grass. They not only take care of your pet but also of the ground beneath them. Artificial grass is designed in such a manner that they an inch above the ground for allowing the air to pass. This way the ground below the grass mat could also breathe. The grass mats absorb any liquid or water spilled on them. They provide a clean smelling environment for the pets. If the pet urinates on the grass, the grass will not exactly absorb but let it flow below the level of artificial grass and into the drains. This way a more sanitary environment is maintained. The grass also doesn’t stink. The grass has antimicrobial blades which protect your pet from various types of infection. It doesn’t let any microbes stay in the grass for long.

Artificial Grass for Pets is preferred for over natural grass as it is easy to maintain and provides the same environment and benefits as that of natural grass. It will provide the environment your pet needs.

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